ATG charges an affordable hourly rate, and the job is completed as soon as possible so that your costs are minimised.

On site visit to your home or office:

Most services (problem fixing, setup, one-on-one training,…) are delivered in your home or office.

Initial phone call or video meeting: Free (max 15m)

First Hour: $95 (includes travel expenses in Mornington Shire area)

Each subsequent hour: $70 in one hour increments.


  • If your problem is not fixed then there is no charge. Feel confident you will not be asked to pay for poor quality service

  • If the work is finished before the current hour is complete, then the time can be used to provide training, answer questions, or address other issues, so that you get full value from the session you pay for.

  • There are no additional charges for travel or set-up time.

Workshop training in your home or office:

Prices vary depending on topic and format. Typically $95 to $140 an hour.

Workshops can be for up to 4 people and are always interactive in nature. You should have your computer or device with you to practice.

Alec can create and deliver workshops on wide range of topics so please ask. Examples include:

  • Using Google Photos to store and share photographs
  • How to use WhatsApp for messaging, group chat, and video calls
  • How to use a Chrome Device (e.g. Chromebook) effectively
  • Basic internet safety
  • Introduction to computer programming in Python with Harvard University online CS50P.

Ongoing support

Telephone and remote support is also available at a cost of $12.50 per 15 minute increments.

A support agreement needs to be arranged beforehand. Various pricing discounts apply depending on circumstances.

Note that a site visit is required prior to starting a support agreement.

General Notes:

All prices are inclusive of GST.

Work hours are from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Work outside these hours may attract an additional fee.

For site visits outside the Mornington Shire area there is an additional charge depending on distance. This is agreed before the 1st visit.

Before committing to a visit or workshop we recommend having a free call with Alec to make sure that ATG Tech is the right choice for you.